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Welcome to "RocknRobin Photography"

by Robin Haden

Photos that "ROCK" your world!

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Robin Haden is a New York City trained photographer who comes from a background in Music, Acting, and Interior Design. Since she has been in front of the camera most of her life, she has a unique way of capturing the shape, color, and emotion of every subject.

A very versatile photographer with a Photojournalism style that she applies to every kind of shoot. Whether it be a corporate event, fashion shoot, wedding, promo shoot, headshot session, or any kind of special event, she will find the most creative and funky way to see it through the camera.

If you want someone with a fresh perspective,

Robin Haden is your Photographer!


Guestbook for RocknRobin Photography by Robin Haden
Jasmin Sethi
Robin is great! She is fun to work with, patient, and understanding. She has energy and enthusiasm that really helps motivate one to pose. She has an array of scenes and styles, and overall I'm very pleased with the pictures that turned out from our shoot together. She is truly professional and has a great attitude.
Alan Darcy(non-registered)
Robin Haden is not only a gifted musician, vocalist and performer but also an amazing photographer! I needed a some great photos to promote my CD, "Originale" and she more than delivered!
Her innate creativity and musical talents translates to her photos and shoots.
My photo session with her to get promo pics went so well that I decided to use one of her shots of myself as the cover of my CD "Originale"
She really made me feel relaxed on the photo shoot and was a true professional. She really took the time to listen to what I was looking for and learn about me and my music. She has a great "eye" for getting truly wonderful photos. I would recommend Robin to everyone regardless of their profession, who was looking for a fantastic photog to hire!
Michelle Nault - Out Front Brands(non-registered)
Robin has an amazing eye for detail and capturing emotion. Her exuberant personality is infectious and she always makes her subjects feel relaxed and comfortable. We hire Robin whenever she's available for all our events. She engages an audience and delivers the most amazing photos!
Kathleen France(non-registered)
Robin did my publicity shots prior to my partner and I winning a New York MAC Award for our 2015 Cabaret Revue, and the cabaret community remembered and voted for us partly due to her promo shots! Being a performer herself, Robin knows exactly what industry professionals here in New York are looking for. Her passion for her work, and her exuberant personality make her clients feel at ease, and her creativity and incredible eye for not only her subject, but for the overall juxtaposition of the shot as a whole, transform your shots into a work of art. When working with performers, unlike other photographers I've worked with, Robin really speaks with her clients prior to the shoot to learn as much as she can about the project, what the shots will be used for, and what feeling the performer would like to portray. She also works in tandem with other industry professionals - makeup artists, videographers, etc., so she has the ability to tackle the simplest of projects, up to full-fledged production events. If you want to stand out from the crowd, I highly recommend RockNRobin Photography.
Michael Lee Stever(non-registered)
Robin Haden's photographic instincts are some of the best and keenest in New York City, or the entire east coast for that matter. To watch her work is often as enjoyable as the people she's photographing. Whether scaling tall buildings, laying down in the middle of a crowded sidewalk or hanging upside down, there is nothing this woman can't photograph - and her fluid, water-like muse is truly at the helm of why she is one of the best in the business. She's endearing, genuinely personable and riotously funny as well, which makes working with her an even greater joy. I could truly go on and on about her, but suffice to say she is one of the best!

- Michael Lee Stever, Freelance filmmaker
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